Plant Health Care

The objective of Plant Health Care is to maintain or improve your tree and shrub’s appearance, vitality and safety, using the most cost-effective and environmentally sensitive practices and treatments available. Good News Tree Service, Inc. can monitor and identify problems that may be environmental, cultural or pest related, selecting and utilizing appropriate control measures and evaluating their effectiveness. Trees and shrubs represent a considerable long-term investment in your landscape. With proper care, these plants can provide beautiful surroundings, cooling shade, and many other benefits for decades.

Good News Tree Service, Inc.’s goal is to use environmentally conscience products and practices at all times so that we help to maintain — not upset — the balance of nature. As such, we use (except on rare occasions) insecticides that target only the pest, such as systemics insecticides (applied via bark sprays and soil drenches, no spraying is involved) as opposed to foliar sprays. Foliar insecticide sprays tend to kill not only the target pest, but beneficial (predatory) insects, as well, (e.g. lady bug and wasps) along with pollinating insects (e.g. bees), while systemics insecticides do not.

Furthermore, our systemic insecticides (in most cases) require only one treatment per season for insect control, while foliar sprays usually require two or three treatments per season for insect control. Systemics may cost a little more up front, but one treatment usually offers season-long control. By contrast, foliars may be cheaper initially, but multiplied by two or three applications, plus the environmental cost of killing beneficial insects and the fact that sprays can drift over onto your neighbor’s property, they can end up costing more in the long run.

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