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Interview of Hoichi Kurisu—Renowned Japanese Garden Designer

Japanese garden architect Hoichi Kurisu has designed and overseen the construction of some of the most notable and top Japanese gardens in the U.S. and elsewhere including the world famous Portland Japanese Garden in Oregon, the Anderson Garden in Illinois, the Frederik Meijer Japanese Garden in Michigan and many others too numerous to mention. In Nathan’s interview of Mr. Kurisu, he discusses what makes Japanese gardens unique and why people are so attracted to them the world over.

Butchart Japanese Garden Tour By a Japanese Style Pruning Expert

The world famous Butchart Gardens of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada contain the second oldest Japanese Gardens in North America and were constructed in 1906. To say they are spectacular is a gross understatement! In this video, a Nathan Lawrence, a professional arborist and expert Japanese style aesthetic pruner, takes you on a tour with commentary of this world class garden. Enjoy!

Oregon Mediterranean Oak Borer Beetle Update—April 4, 2024

The Mediterranean oak borer (MOB) is the latest invasive insect pest to afflict NW Oregon, and this time it is the iconic native Oregon white oak—the crown jewel of this areas deciduous trees. Many of these oak trees are six or more feet in diameter and can be more than 200 years old, yet, believe it or not, the MOB can cause the demise of these majestic giants in only a couple of years. In this video, you will learn the latest up to date intel about the MOB from the state’s top experts, and what you can possibly do to save your oak tree.

The Mowing Crew “Mowed” These Apple Trees!

Fruit trees are not a lawn to be mowed or a hedge to be sheared! So don’t let your gardener or your mow, blow and go guys touch (attack!) your fruit trees. All they know how to do is to shear things or hack and wack trees back to nothing! Rather, hire a qualified arborist to do your pruning, unless you want your trees and shrubs decimated!

The other day the Good News Tree Service crew went to a client’s house to prune their fruit trees. Unfortunately, the mowing crew, against the client’s wishes, had gotten to the fruit trees before we did.

Here is the pathetic sight that greeted us — two apple trees hacked back to stubs and denuded of all fruiting wood! In my many decades of pruning fruit trees, I have never seen anything like this before. I was horrified!

These tree butchers had cut off all of the fruiting wood that we had carefully nurtured for many years. It will take several years before these trees produce new fruiting wood, and until then, they will bear no apples. Needless to say, our client wasn’t very happy about this sad state of affairs.

The problem in many of these situations is that the mowing crew speaks little or no English. I hear this again and again from my clients. Thus, a language barrier exists between the homeowner and the crew doing the work. You are telling them one thing, and think you’re saying something else, and off they go. Yikes! Yes, you save a little money by hiring cheap labor, but in the long run, you risk losing money in other ways. So do your homework and hire the right people for the job who know what they are doing.

Here is what a well-pruned apple tree should look like: