Nathan in Search of Giant Trees

Because of his passion for trees, Nathan is magnetically drawn to large trees. Wherever he goes, he seeks out giant trees and gets up close and personal. Please enjoy these photos of some amazing trees!

Nathan and the largest Banyan tree in North America in Lahaina on Maui, Hawaii.

Nathan and the largest diameter ponderosa pine in the world located in La Pine, Oregon at 9 feet two inches in diameter at breast height.

Nathan with a giant Sitka spruce on Baronof Island in Alaska.

Nathan discovers the third largest red alder tree in Oregon at the coast near Neskowin. It is four feet six inches in diameter.

Nathan discovers the Oregon state champion red elderberry tree (to date) in Oregon on the coast. It is 16.89 inches in diameter.

Nathan next to a giant black cottonwood tree in Wilsonville, Oregon on the banks of the Willamette River.

This is the largest western red cedar tree at Beverly Beach State Park on the Oregon coast at eight feet four inches in diameter above the root flare.

Nathan’s hat against the tree.

Nathan found this giant western red cedar tree in the Mount Baker–Snoqualmie National Forest in the Cascades Mountains of northern Washington. This tree was nine feet two inches in diameter at breast height.

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