Madagascar’s Trees— Bizarre and Other-Worldly Looking

Ever been to Madagascar, the earth’s fourth largest island just off the southeastern coast of Africa? Neither have I. But recently I trekked, or more correctly, strolled through the weirdest bunch of trees in my life—a Madagascarian forest. These other-worldly trees, look like come out of sci-fi movie or something. They’re some of the world’s rarest and most endangered trees, and are featured, of all places, at the San Diego Zoo’s Africa Rocks Exhibit.

Please enjoy this brief tour…

The Madagascar Palm

The Healing Moringa Tree

The Ocotillo Tree

The Malagasy Tree Aloe

The Mousetrap Tree

The Elephant Tree

The Albany Cycad Tree (Actually this is native to southern Africa, and extremely endangered—only 60 remaining in the wild.)

Finally, here are some more crazy exotic trees and plants from Madagascar that I’ve failed to identify.

Just to prove I was there, here’s a picture of me.

3 thoughts on “Madagascar’s Trees— Bizarre and Other-Worldly Looking

  1. Mindy Jollie

    That’s so interesting that Madagascar has so many unique kinds of trees. People always talk about the wildlife in Madagascar, but it’s cool to know that there are other things to check out there. My husband and I hope to travel there someday, and we may even try a photo tour or something like that!

    1. Nathan Lawrence Post author

      These trees seemed other-world to me, which is why they fascinated me so much. I wanted to share this experience with others, so I posted these photos.

  2. edna penaflor

    Love those trees—weird looking but funny in a good way. Indeed, God has a good sense of humor when He made those trees. I’d love to see those fascinating trees in its locality. Madagascar is definitely in my bucket list.

    Thanks for sharing.


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