Why deep root fertilize your trees and shrubs?

There are several reasons why deep root fertilizing your ornamental trees and shrubs is a good thing. It’s less expensive to treat or fertilize an ailing plant than to remove and replace it, and lose the monetary and aesthetic value that large, established trees or shrubs give to your home.

Regular fertilizing means healthy trees and shrubs that are more able to tolerate environmental stresses and resist pests.

Plants use large quantities of nitrogen to produce lush and green ­foliage. Leaf litter is a natural source of nitrogen, but is removed in well-manicured gardens, thus removing a main source of nitrogen. Fertilizing replenishes this lost nitrogen.

Most trees and shrubs are located in heavy and compacted urban soils that have been stripped of topsoil and are low in organic matter and ­fertility. This stresses plants and regular fertilization through hydraulic pressure replenishes depleted soils and helps to fracture compacted soil, thus facilitating the movement of nutrients through the soil to the tree’s roots.

What are the symptoms that your trees or shrubs have a problem and could benefit from fertilization?

  • Light green, yellowish or discolored leaves
  • Thin foliage or branch die-back
  • Fewer or smaller leaves than normal
  • Dying back of branches and the tips
  • Bore holes and sawdust shavings
  • Cracking bark
  • Dead spots on leaves
  • Wilting foliage
  • Premature leaf drop
  • Short annual twig growth

When is the best time to fertilize?

Plants will benefit from fertilization almost anytime of the year as long as soil temperatures are above 40° to 45°F. Typically, spring and fall are the best times to fertilize. Spring fertilization targets feeding leaves, fruits and flowers, while fall fertilization targets feeding roots systems.

What can Good News Tree Service, Inc. offer your trees and shrubs?

  • GNTS offers a full line of plant health care services including
  • Deep root fertilization of shrubs and trees via soil-injection
  • Diagnostics of plant health care problems
  • Pesticide applications (including insecticides and fungicides)
  • Free analysis of the trees and shrubs on your property

The Fertilizing System We Use

We inject liquid fertilizer into the plant’s root zone through hydraulic pressure making it immediately available for uptake unlike typical means of fertilization such as spreading granuilar fertilizer by hand.

Our standard fertilizer includes complete fertilizer (N, P, K) including 40% slow release nitrogen, (and in the spring, Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, Ca). Into this we also add 100% organic soil amendments including amino-acids root stimulator to promote nutrient absorption, and stimulate plant metabolism, at the same time encouraging the growth of soil microorganisms to replenish soils depleted of organic matter, thus improving poor subsoil conditions and reducing compaction.

Extremely stressed plants also receive an all-natural liquid biological fungicide, which helps to suppress a broad range of important soil-borne and foliar diseases. These live fungi will multiply in the soil and will fight harmful disease pathogens long after the initial application. This, along with added mychorrhizae fungi, will strengthen the tree’s natural defense mechanisms and stimulate root growth. 

Invest in your trees and shrubs today…and see the difference tomorrow!

Call us today or email us today for a free analysis of your trees & shrubs with a price quote to fertilize or to treat them against pests:

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