Is the City of Wilsonville Really That Tree Friendly? NOPE!

The City of Wilsonville proudly claims to be an Arbor Day Foundation “Tree City USA,” but is this more hype than reality? After 35 years as the owner of Wilsonville’s oldest and largest tree service, I have watched the City approve the ostensibly indiscriminate clear cutting of trees for numerous residential and commercial developments, and the planting of nearly all of the wrong street trees in all of the wrong place, only forcing property owners to have remove them later because of the damage they’re causing. I challenge Wilsonville to get proactively serious about tree preservation by consulting with arboricultural experts like me. This video discusses more of the same nonsense and folly being committed on one such development in Wilsonville because of the City’s greedy stack-and-pack Portlandesque urban density proclivities all at the expense of its local residents and its native trees. Shame on the City for this!

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